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  • The perfect way to change in privacy without having to use the ladies room. Allows you to keep your dress covered until the very moment you want to show the audience.

  • Great skirt to show speed and precision in your dancing. The circular frills give an added feature to give even more rotation to your dancing. There are built-in underpants in this skirt.

  • Whether it's to carry your things to practice or to the competiton. Maybe it's for your costumes or all the accessories, this black shoulder bag is perfect. It has a big opening at the top and uses a strong zipper to close it.Easy to carry on the shoulder or carry by your side.

  • Every man has to own one! When you want to add an accessory to your practice wear, this is it! With the V shape in the front and the flexible back, you'll forget you have it on until you look in the mirror and see how much it adds to the look.