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  • Every man has to own one! When you want to add an accessory to your practice wear, this is it!With the V shape in the front and the flexible back, you'll forget you have it on until you look in the mirror and see how much it adds to the look.

  • The classic black men's trouser with a great fit. Equipt with a zipper.Can be used for all styles of dancing.Is also available with pockets.

  • Mens black pants for both Standard & Latin. With a zipper in the front and both pockets on the side and pockets down the leg. This creates the very popular "cargo" pants look which gives you more flick from the pants in latin to make your movemnets seem faster and more full. This also creates more swing in the standard and more updated look.The pants...

  • Men's black turtleneck. This is a necessary inclusion to your wardrobe as a man. For the days where you don't want to wear a shirt and tie but still want to see clear lines in the mirror. Comfortable and stylish. The perfect combination.This is a turtleneck body.

  • For the days where you want to be 100% classical and show the deepest respect for your teachers.This shirt gives you the clear crisp lines from the outside from the collar to the cuffs, but also gives you comfort that will allow you to be in a relaxed state and encourage you to want to practice more.The shirt sewn-in  body.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items